Your senior year in high school is a very special time.  As you make plans for your future, you reflect on your past and all the experiences that have helped you become the person you are today.  Your high school senior portraits are all about capturing images that celebrate who you are at this time in your life.  As you travel new roads and explore, you will look at your high school senior portraits and reflect on where you once were and admire how far you have come.

We have many portrait session and print options available for you to choose from.  The first step is choosing a portrait session that works best for you.  All portrait sessions are done at one or multiple locations depending on which package you choose.  At the very least, plan on spending a few hours together in a relaxed and fun setting.  After your portrait session, images are presented to you on line in a private gallery and print purchasing options are made available.  All prints are processed by a premium print lab (Mpix Lab) and shipped directly to you.        

Hello!  My name is Joe, I am a freelance photographer based in Cleveland, Ohio.  My portfolio encompasses a variety of subjects including portrait photography, wedding and event photojournalism, nature photography and more.  Whatever the medium, I offer unique perspectives and attention to detail in every scene I photograph.  If you are looking for a professional - and personable - photographer for any occasion, contact me today! 

Email: [email protected] -or- Phone: (440) 503-7892