As someone who has hired a professional photographer in my own past, I recognize how vitally important choosing the right photographer can be.  It’s not just about finding someone who can preserve your memories thru the images captured; it is also about finding someone you can feel completely at ease in front of – whether sharing a tender moment with someone you love, or cracking up and being a little crazy with your family and friends.  I understand how integral the photographer is to the success of an event, and it is with these thoughts in mind that I would like to introduce myself.

My name is Joe Kolecki, and for twenty years, I have worked as a professional photographer in Cleveland and throughout Northeast, Ohio.  My approach is simple;  I enjoy capturing unscripted moments with my cameras, and transforming those moments into meaningful photographs that my clients will cherish forever.  At the same time, I strive to build a relationship with my clients so that I am easily able to capture images in the way they envisioned.

I didn’t choose photography as a profession so much as it captured my imagination and became the outlet by which I express myself as an artist.  I truly love what I do, and I bring my passion for this art form to each image I photograph.  I am also fueled by a desire to photograph wildlife, nature, cities, and many other subjects of interest.  It is in the great outdoors that I find some of my best inspiration.  Because of this, I am not limited by the constraints of a studio – instead, I am willing to travel wherever my client’s imaginations might carry them, be it a quiet stroll on a beach at sunset, or a rugged trek into the woods to a favorite vista or scenic outlook.

I believe that the greatest testimonials of my work as a professional photographer come from the clients that I’ve photographed over the years.  I take pride in the fact that the majority of my business comes thru referrals from couples and families that have hired me for weddings, family portraits, high school senior pictures, and a number of the other events.  Whether you are seriously searching for a photographer, or if you just happened upon this site for the first time and would like to know more about the services I offer, I sincerely hope you’ll reach out to me so we can discuss how I can partner with you for all of your photographic needs.  Thank you, I look forward to hearing from you!